What is the peculiarity?

„Kratol K“ — the first reagent, which is specially elaborated for flushing industrial boilers from a scale.
The reagent was tested on more than 350 boiler scale samples, which were collected on the territory of the Russian Federation by the „Innovation and Service“ company.

About company

“Our company specializes in cleaning industrial and power boilers of thermal power plants from scale. We wash steam and hot water boilers of any design (fire-tube, drum, water-tube) and capacity. We do not repair, we do not carry out commissioning tests, we do not install water treatment systems — only boiler cleaning. Why only boilers? We believe that it is impossible to be the best in all cases at once. Look at other companies — they are jack-of-all-trades. However, are they all that good? Our Mission: To be the best industrial boiler descaling company.”

Andrey Kolosov, Director of „Innovation and Service“ LLC.

Andrey Kolosov

Designation of ‘Kratol K’

The reagent is intended to dissolve a boiler scale containing salts (rigidity Ca and Mg), silicates, rust.

‘Kratol K’ range of application

The reagent is applied for chemical descaling of the following types of boilers:

  • Steam drum boilers E, DE reconstructed water-tube system of a two-drum boiler, KE;
  • Fire-tube boiler VIESSMANN, ICI CALDAIE, LOOS UL-S, Buderus;
  • Water-heating water-tube boilers КВ, КВГМ, ПТВМ, ЗИО, ЗИОСАБ, НP;
  • Household boilers of all types;
  • Boilers, heat-exchangers of all types.

‘Krakol K’ reagent`s peculiarities

  • The reagent is intended to dissolve difficult-to-remove scale formed in industrial boilers at high pressure and temperature.
  • The reagent is safe for boiler metal, as it has almost zero corrosion rate on Steel 3 — 0,11 g*m2/hour.
  • It was developed by an expert organization in the field of industrial boiler cleaning — LLC „Innovations and Service“ and a leading manufacturer of special chemicals — PJSC „Pigment“.
  • LLC „Innovations and Service“ is the exclusive seller of the Kratol K reagent.
  • When delivering the Kratol K reagent, our company conducts free training on the rules of using the reagent, develops programs for chemical washing of boilers from scale.

‘Kratol K’ reagent effeciency

Control clippings of ПТВМ-50 (direct-flow heating heating oil – 50) boiler screen pipes before flushing.

Control samples of the ПТВМ-50 boiler after flushing with ‘Kratol K’ reagent.

Reagent characteristics

IndicatorsStandards of regulatory and technical documentationEstablished by analysis
AppearanceA white crystalline product with inclusions in the form of large crystalscorrespond
The hydrogen index of a 5% aqueous solution units of PPH, is no more1,00,8
The corrosion rate of steel Stc3 in a 5% aqueous solution at 20 C, g*m2/hour, for 6 hours, is no more0,200,11

Packing of ‘Kratol K’


For flushing industrial boilers, ‘Kratol K’ is packed in bags of 40 kg FIBC o 800 kg.

‘Kratol K’ in bags of 1 kg

For flushing domestic boilers we pack ‘Kratol K’ in bags of 1 kg.





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